Incorrect IDE installation folder

This morning I upgraded to the latest IDE for Arduino version 1.6.5.

The software uninstalled the previous IDE version located at Program Files(x86)/Arduino1.5.6r2.

When attempting to open the IDE I receive the following error.

Your copy of the IDE is installed in a subfolder of your sketchbook. 
Please move the IDE to another folder.

I have read about this error in a few other posts. The error is related to locating the sketchbook folder INSIDE of the Arduino IDE folder. So far I have found no clear way to fix this.

I have tried to move the executeable IDE and dll files to another folder, but this did not solve anything.

I also uninstalled the IDE, deleted the folders, and reinstalled only to receive the same error.

This is extremely frustrating, any help is much appreciated. I am already regretting upgrading the IDE.

What is the new installed path to the IDE?

If you go to "%appdata%\Arduino15" (just copy the text between the " " and past it in an file explorer) and open preferences,txt. What is the path behind "sketchbook.path"? The default is "C:\Users[username]\Documents\Arduino"

Didi you figure this out? The response was gibberish to me.

Didi you figure this out? The response was gibberish to me.

There are 3 important folders for the Arduino IDE

  • Arduino IDE installation folder
  • sketchbook folder - this is used to store your personal sketches and libraries. This is set in File > Preferences > Sketchbook location
  • Arduino15 folder - this is used to store configuration information and Boards files. The location depends on which operating system you use and which version of the Arduino IDE.

So if your sketchbook folder contains the Arduino IDE installation folder the IDE will no longer start. The suggested solution is to move the IDE installation folder to a location that isn't inside of your sketchbook folder.

If you don't want to/can't move the IDE installation folder to a suitable location you could also solve the issue by changing the sketchbook location. The trick with that is you can't access File > Preferences if the IDE won't open. The other way to change the sketchbook location is to:

  • locate Arduino15/preferences.txt
  • open preferences.txt
  • edit the line:
  • ```*
  • sketchbook.path=*
  • ```*
    to a folder that doesn't contain the IDE installation folder

Well I'm happy to help you more if you can't figure this out but I will need more information:

  • which solution you prefer
  • version of the Arduino IDE you're using
  • operating system.