Incorrect thermistor readings

Has anyone ever seen an issue where hotends are reporting 363 degrees, without being turned on? I have tried two different hotends thermistors both show the same. When I plug in the hot beds thermistor it reports accurately

After going through the entire collection of options, none (despite including resistors) match close to what it should be (21 Celsius) I'm using a eds v6 J-head if that helps. Firmware is currently 1.1.0 rc8.

If the value is way off then it is likely that the thermistor is shorted or open (disconnected). Disconnect the thermistor at the mainboard. Is the reported value still 363? If so, the wire was open/broken/disconnected the whole time. If the value is way different from 363, try shorting the terminals on the mainboard. Is the reported value now 363? Then the wires were shorted.

Hi John,

On removal the value reduces to 0 degrees. I have done a continuity test, which was successful, indicating a complete circuit. I will try shorting the pins later. In the meantime though I can’t see why its misbehaving.