Incorrect Values of Analog Pins with ENC28J60

After plugging in my ENC28J60 network module I have incorrect values on all analog pins of my Uno r3. now the minimal value read is between 20 and 30. This already happens if only vcc and gnd of the ENC28J60 are connected (no matter to 3.3 or 5v). The ENC28J60 seems to work fine, at least it is showing a website.

Is the ENC28J60 broken? Is there a solution?

I measured the ENC28J60 module and it takes around 130mA. If I am not wrong this is way out of what the VCC pins of can provide. Is this normal? There is not much at the ENC28J60 board.

Does the voltage dip when you connect the ENC board ?

I think the ENC28J60 is sucking to much power out of the Uno. I have now ordered a power supply module.

I dont think so, I run my enc28j60 boards from a Nano (which reputedly has less power than a UNO)