Increase Arduino upload speed using the WifFi Shield


Thank you for your reply, the code you wrote has worked very well. I wanted to know what is the maximum size of buf for the wifi transfer. Is it 60 or I can go higher?

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You can send longer packet (up to 90 byte I saw somewhere) but they will be cut into 64 bytes ones (by the program) before being send by wifi. So the speed of the connection will not be improved ..

I'm not an expert of TCP-IP protocol and wifi connection, but I work with 64 packets and it works fine.


Thank you for your message. I think this is the max speed I can obtain. However, my PC copies from the network via th Wi Fi with a much higher data transfer speed. What is the difference with the Arduino Wi Fi shield? It is the protocol?

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it's the wifi shield limitation ... I guess

It's probably a buffer size in the shield firmware.