Increase id fingerprint Sensor R301T

I am interfacing esp32 with Fingerprint module R301T.
How can I increase more than 127 ID fingerprints ? Is there any way to increase or that is the maximum ID limit ? I am using this library: Adafruit-Fingerprint-Sensor-Library
Thanks in Advance

Did you look at the library?

Did you find this uint8_t Adafruit_Fingerprint::getParameters(void) which might hold clues as to the limit.

yes I saw it. but I do not know what to change.

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I'm resonably sure that there was a similar question not too long ago; might have been for a R302 though. Maybe a searh for R301or R302 on the forum might help.

Where did You find the limit 127?

@Railroader when i used the enroll example in this library, I use the number that is greater than 127 (id fingerprint) ,it doesn't save this id with my number. it saved my fingerprint with number between 0 to 127.

thank your reply @sterretje .I will search more and I hope find solution

Okey. An uint8 has a range of 0 - 255 but other limits obviously exist in the library.
You need to look deeper into tha library.

If each instance of the library holds 127 thingies then why not open another instance of the library for another 127 thingies. It's best not to go about editing libraries if you do not understand how they are doing their thing. In this way you'll not be dependent on others to help maintain a library you do not understand.

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