Increase output power

Hi everyone,

I'm new on arduino and I would like to know one thing.
I actually have this board: Cooking Hacks - Electronic and IoT Kits, tutorials and guides for Makers and Education
What I would like is if it is possible to increase the output power, what I mean is that if I have 3V on input can I give 5V on the input ]:).

I'm not sure if it's clear neither if this is the right forum to ask my question.
However if you have an idea of how I can do it I'm listening.

Thanks for your help :).

It is a DC-DC converter.
I think (I'm not sure) that you can not generate a higher voltage than the input voltage.

If you need a normal DC-DC converter, don't buy that shield. It makes things complicated. Buy a normal DC-DC converter.

What do you want ?
Do you want to create 5V from 3V ?
That is possible with a buck-boost DC-DC converter.

Yes that's exactly what I need. The idea is to power up a camera from time to time. But if the battery is low and I the battery needs to be powered then I have to increase the output power with a voltage superior to the input.

What I am looking for is more precise: the 3V to 5V is just an example. I would like to be able to regulate the output voltage via software or automatically depending on how many voltages the object which is connected need.

I don't know if you can buy something like that.

Some make a bench power supply controlled by an Arduino.
You could use a programmable resistor as part of the feed back circuit of a voltage regulator.
Or you could add or substract current from the feedback of a voltage regulator.

It is not easy. Perhaps you want too much ?

Could you use a dc-dc boost converter to 12V, and use the Arduino to make programmable lower voltage ?

Or perhaps you could mail the manufacturer of that shield and ask if the output voltage can be higher than the input voltage.

I can't quite read the chip part number from the photo but I'm 90% sure it will be a buck converter,
only able to reduce voltage. For increasing voltage a boost converter would be needed, or the
fully flexible option is a boost-buck converter (rare).

Don't confuse power and voltage, converter circuits cannot increase power!

This is a better picture:

It is a LM2596.

That is a "step-down" regulator. So it can only make a voltage that is lower.