Increase range of Nrf24l01?

Hi. I would like to know if it is possible to increase the range of the Nrf24l01 without having to acquire the package with the long range antenna. I understand that the basic Nrf24l01 has a range of around 100mts in open space, while the package with the long range antenna in open spaces reaches up to 1000mts. I really need something in between, so if anyone knows any way to increase the reach either through software or hardware, I would appreciate it if I shared it! Or if there is a substitute for NRF24L01 that can fulfill what I need. Thank you.

Pdta: I am interested in a distance of 250 meters.

Not heard of anything intermediate. The ideal free space distances are never going to be achieved unless
both ends are outside and up poles and pointing in the right orientation.

If you are anywhere near a microwave oven or WiFi, you are completely at the mercy of leakage from when
the oven operates or WiFi traffic anyway - indoors I'd give the LNA+PA a range of a couple of rooms BTW,
its much much less with obstacles.

If you want good range, avoid 2.4GHz band completely, the other ISM bands like 443, 868, 915 will perform