increase respond time of the motors

hey everyone,I was wondering in my sumo robot the robot was passing the edge of the ring with high speeds and I tried to record its motion on super slow motion mode and recognized that the robot's motors are rotating or responding too late (its just in milli seconds but it matters a lot with high speed)
I tried modifying the speed of my code but recongnized that it must be the motor driver fault or the motors
Iam using 12v 1000rpm geared dc motors and a bts7960b 43 A motor driver
can any one help please and if you suggest any method concerning the code will be appreciated also

I do not know how we are to help. You have not shown your code. We do not know what other hardware that you have or how it is connected. We do no even know which Arduino board that you have.

Please read the how to use this forum posts to see how to post code and some advice on asking questions.

And a bit of punctuation in your post would make it more understandable.


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I think you may have discovered inertia. At higher speeds you have to start braking earlier.