Increasing Speed of Serial Bluetooth Connection

Hello, I am using ESP32 to send data via serial Bluetooth to a PC. The data is in the form of 4 byte C++ integers at a rate of 250 samples per second. However, the current approach of sending each data entry as a char byte is very slow and not enough to transfer the data.

Could anyone refer a library to send data using serial as fast as possible? Furthermore, is there any way to send the values as integers instead of sending each digit as a separate character byte?

The print() function sends the data as ASCII one character at a time. Serial.print(10); sends '0x31', '0x30'. The write() function sends binary data one byte at a time or an array of bytes. Serial.write(10); sends '0x0a'

To write numbers over 255 (one byte) requires multiple writes cause you can only write one byte at a time ( or an array).

Thanks for the answer.
Do you know any library which would maximize the speed of transferring data?