Increasing the capacity of the R307 Fingerprint Sensor module

Hi, I've bought the R307 modules from a local store where they said they could store 160 Prints at one time, When I came home and interfaced them to my Arduino, I saw I could store 255 Prints at one time. Then I studied some more on the Internet and found out that they can actually store 1000 prints at one time. I found the following article on this that edits the library used to run the sensor to gain access to 1000 prints:

I couldn't make heads or tails of this and after spending 5 hours to study the given discussion, I gave up. Could somebody please tell me what is going on and where do I need to change the stuff that I need to or tell me where I can find more info on it or if I can download the edited library from somewhere. I first planned on using 3 sensors to store total of 700 prints that I need but now that I know I can get all of them into single one, I really want to. Please help. Thanks in anticipation.