increasing the range of an ultrasonic sensor??

hello there!

I have bought from ebay a dozen of ultrasonic sensors (model: us - 015) because the specifications were saying that it has a detecting range of 4- 700 cm. Unfortunately it doesnt, for people detection it falls to hardly 350 cm, if you are lucky 380cm.

My question is: can I in some way increase the range of these sensors?

As far as my understanding goes, the higher the operational voltage is, the longest the range. The normal operating voltage of these sensors is 5v (and less that 3mA) . I was thinking that i could try and operate them at a higher voltage (say 6 or 7 volts) and see the results (they are quite cheap so i can afford burning some). Maybe if I powered my arduino via a 12V external power source, access it through the Vin pin, and adjust it with a potentiometer? (Also i have to mention that i don t care if the resolution decreases)

How does it sound?

Please any improvements, suggestions or ideas are welcome!!


How does it sound?

It sounds to me that if you want to try it, try it, if you have spares. Nobody here is going to tell you it will accept 7V when the specs clearly say 5V. Those specs also say "US-015 Ultrasonic ranging module is capable of the 2cm ~ 4m" so where does the 7m come from?

I doubt if the sensor works like a lamp where it glows brighter with higher voltage until it pops, though. I would be very surprised if the range increases with applied voltage. I think your people are just too absorbent... get harder people ;)


the 7m came from here ( ), misleading information. (in any case it is my fault I should have done some more research)

I guess it will have to be trial and error, (the idea came from reading on how the ultrasonic sensors work ) I was hoping that someone had already thought about it and tested it...