Increment Brightness of WS2812B LED strip


I am using a digital RGB strip to produce colour palettes. I have used code from github to do this, however I am wanting to increase the overall intensity/brightness by pressing a button.

I have tried to use the generic BRIGHTNESS term to set the brightness however it seems that I can not change the BRIGHTNESS value after the code has been uploaded. I have tried to put a if statement in to do this but it seems to not change the value of BRIGHTNESS. I have attached the code below, it can also be found at ColorWavesWithPalettes - demo of using cpt-city palettes in FastLED code ยท GitHub.

This code is more challenging for me to understand, hence I am asking this question. If you guys have any advice on how to change this so that I can adjust the level of brightness that would be much appreciated.


Code.txt (6.11 KB)

Please read the thread named Read this before posting a programming question and post your code in code tags.

If you are using FastLED, use a loop to change the leds[] array then run the show() function. You can use millis timing or delay() to slow it down enough to see.

255,255,255 is as bright as you are going to get. if you don't seem bright enough it's pry just how the author's color patterns where written. as far as copy/pasting code like this it would be easier to re-write it than to add those features.

You could probably spend a 3 credit semester on FastLED and not cover the full featuritis to a working level.