increment in blocks of 100 in for loop?


How do you increment in blocks of 100 in a for loop?

I tried the code below but ‘s’ is always printed as zero.


  myFile ="test.text");
  int sizefile = myFile.size();

if (myFile)
    for(int s = 0; s < myFile.size(); s+100){
for(int s = 0; s < myFile.size(); s+=100){

And to extend on AWOL. s+100 just gives you a new variable that’s 100 higher then s. But you never assign it to anything. So to increment s itself you should assign it to s again so s = s + 100. That way the new variable of 100 higher then s is assigned to s. But because we often want to change a variable in a way like that the made a shorter notation, s += 100 which is the same as s = s + 100. You also have -=, /=, *=, <<=, %= etc. So without a = somewhere (is it by using += or by doing s = s + 100) you never change the variable itself but you create a new variable with the changed value. But without a = it’s destroyed right after that (or probably optimized away by the compiler :stuck_out_tongue: )

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