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please some one help me

Arduino got freeze , just stop doing any thing please help

see attach text file for code

inc.txt (12.8 KB)

Please be more specific, when you say the Arduino freezes do you mean it simply freezes when your sketch runs, or do you mean you are actually unable to communicate with/upload sketches at all?

First thing i’d check is since you’re trying to do a lot in one sketch, check how much RAM the global variables take up. The Arduino IDE will show you this when you build/upload the sketch. Leaving less than around 512 bytes free (<25% free RAM) is asking for trouble in most cases. Of course, you can’t control what global variables a library might declare, so you may have to either move your project to a board with more RAM like a Leonardo (2.5KB ram versus 2KB ram) or the WiFi V2 (6KB ram). You could also move to a Mega (based on ATmega2560) which has 8KB SRAM if you really need a lot of RAM. Running out of RAM will usually just crash the MCU.