Independent Wifi Server with ESP 32

I want to use a ESP 32 to get telemetry data of from my Modelcar to my Computer. Importent to note is, that it should work without any infrastructure, meaning in a field in the middle of nowhere.
I tried to look at tutourials myselfe, but got basicly nowhere. Can anybody recommend me a good tutourial for what I wanna do.

I would be very thankful bout any help.

Jakob Kerber

how far will be the model car from your computer?

in a field in the middle of nowhere

is usually better than in the middle of somewhere with tons of heavy machinery, motors and electromagnetic perturbations :slight_smile:

having direct line of sight also helps.

I think this may be what you are looking for?

Thanks for the quick answer.
Distance is roughly 100 meters arround the computer and a propably always in eye-sight

that looks very good on first sight, thx

This is my first time using a Forum and I am amazed by how hast you guys answer. Thx again

100m Might be too much for the ESP small Wifi antenna… probably needs a different radio system or amplification (although some did get a very fair range)

How large is each payload and what is the expected throughput ?

The ESP32 has ESP-NOW to allow multi-ESP32's to connect together without a network. There is a way to increase the power output of the ESP32WiFi at the cost of lowering the output. One will have to search on the internet to find out how.

You'll need to decide what packet loss is acceptable

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