"Indexing" in bottom left of IDE going on continuously, unable to upload

I am switching between two different sketches for the same board (Authentic Arduino UNO). So I upload one, then upload the other - back and forth. Both are using the serial monitor.

I got one instances of the IDEs to a place where the upload button (and short cut key) do not operate - I can't click the upload button - it does not change color when I mouse over it. The other IDE instance uploads fine. Note that when I upload one, I deselect the board and port in the other (otherwise there is a conflict with the Serial Port)

I am also getting an "indexing: 26/27" in the bottom left corner.
Screen Shot 2021-05-27 at 10.52.35 AM

I am sure once I close and restart the IDE everything will be fine, but I just wanted to bring this issue up.

macOS BigSur v11.4 | Arduino IDE Version: 2.0.0-beta.7

I'm getting the same thing today with v2.0.0-beta-11 so it either didn't get fixed or the bug has regressed back in. It started after updating the Adafruit SAMD board library and a restart seemed to fix it.

I did notice that it was originally stuck on 19/66 and after the restart it indexed x/65.


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