Indexing temp.sensors

I just finished a project and disassambled it to mount it in the field where it's going to operate.

As part of the project I read two temperatur sensores BY INDEX.

How shure can I be that each sensor will have THE SAME index over time ?

I assume that these are DS18B20 sensors.

If so, the process of determining the index is deterministic and will be the same every time you power your system up.

However, if you have to replace any of them, the order may change.

Yeah, it is DS18B20 ... I must have fooled around when mounting the sensors because they switched index :frowning:


also a faulty sensor at the beginning of the group can make the followings climb up in their index number.

These is only two sensors and I THINK they once switch index ... but I must have been wrong ... I not glad to admit that :frowning:

I'm sure you were, but one thing you may have learned from this saga is that you are never absolved from properly identifying and marking each DS18b20, so that you not only know which is which, but also which is where.

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