indian sub-forum only writing in english?


I was looking through the language-specific forums to see if there is a forum dedicated to languages spoken in india. Of course I know english is one of the official adminitsrative languages spoken in in inda.
But I was wondering if at least the main "historical" languages like Hindi, Bengali or Urdu etc.
are used in the indian-sub-forum.

The reason I was looking is that I answered a question from a user with username ajit nayak.
I guess he is from inda. His englisch is very very poor so I think it will be easier for him
to ask in his motherlanguage.

best regards Stefan
any newbee can apply the most professional habit from the first line of code they write on their own:
add only ONE thing at a time. Test/debug that ONE thing until that ONE thing works reliable - repeat.
The sad thing is: only the REAL professionals write code this way.

I'm pretty sure that they can write in other languages like Hindi or whatever ( Don't know much about Indian languages ).

Or why an Indian sub-forum if this is an only English category?

I wondered the same the first time I looked at this board. There's some discussion on that here:
I remember seeing a much longer discussion on the topic, but a quick browse didn't turn it up. The feeling I got is that even though it's expected that English will be the language used here, some forum members were still happy to have an India board.

My advice would be for anyone whose post is not specifically related to India post to one of the main English language boards, since it's likely that more people monitor those boards.