Indicator LED's for 4 relay module digital Low On High off

I've built a simple temperature controller with a 4 relay module output board. The relay board has LED's on it to show when the relays' are activated but they aren't visible when mounted in an enclosure. I thought it would be nice to add indicator LED's using the digital outs of the Arduino that trigger the relays, simple I thought but they come on when the relay goes off and off when the relay comes on, as it's LOW triggered.

Can i easily get around this with some electronics. I'm sure i remember from collage something like a bi-stable latch or something that would. I will also have a similar problem on an irrigation controller i'm working on, which uses 2x 8 module relay boards so i'll need to do it for 16 LED's as well so hopefully not to complex a solution, or I've got a lot of soldering to do.

You can reverse logic with transistors.

It is a lot simpler than that. Wire the anode of the LED to the 5V supply, the cathode to a resistor and the other end of the resistor to your output.

Then when the output is low the LED will be on. And when it is high it will be off.