Individual or SME that can help on a small commercial project?

I recently made a little project for a customer using an Arduino uno and a servo motor, greatly assisted by a friend who actually designed the circuit, gave me a list of items to buy and actually put it all together for me. I did the Arduino code with some help from the forum.

I've already been asked to make another couple but unfortunately due to various other commitments my friend is no longer able to spare me the time. What he was going to do for me was design it all onto a simpler PCB operated by a smaller less expensive Arduino (its only simple code) so I could reduce the work, amount of components and reduce the unit size but I needed to order them by the 10s to make it worthwhile. I could just reproduce what he's done for me but it isn't a long term solution.

The advice I'm hoping to get is what sort of person would I approach to get a quote to do that kind of work, I have tried to work out how to do it myself and scoured Google for a Company that does it. Obviously I don't expect it for free, I'm hoping there are niche businesses that do that kind of thing.

Thanks in advance,

If you have the schematics, feel free to send me a PM.

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This guy is good: Roffesoft

Thanks for moving it for me and making a suggestion.

If you have the schematics, feel free to send me a PM.