indoor gps no problem :-)

I made up a small board to attach a UP501D GPS receiver to an Arduino board to test my GPS clock project.

I have been testing the project indoors, and had no problem with the Rx locking on to the satellites.

Then I wanted to check that the clock would keep time with the GPS receiving no signals, so I put a metal plate ( the sidepanel of my PC - dont ask ) right over the GPS receiver/antenna. and it still happily receives the signals !

I put it in the drawer under the PC and it works.

The only way I can make it lose signal is to turn the thing upside down !

I am very impressed and surprised......

Wow this is strange, turming the module upside down only makes it skip the odd reaading while I am moving it around, then it settles down and locks on solid.
I need it to drop out 100%
So then I tried wrapping the whole Arduino and GPS module in plastic and cooking foil, with the GPS receiver upside down ( antenna looking down into the foil ) i.e.

it only takes a minute to lock on and give solid data.

If I then completely wrap the upside down receiver and Ardunio in foil,

it stays locked on, giving perfect time, but sometimes give garbled position data .
If I power down and reboot it, it doesnt lock on ( I tried it for 5 minutes )

It does lock on with it half wrapped upside down.

Does this mean the government can read my mind even with my foil lined hat on :0

Drats ! Foiled again ....

I wouldn't expect a drastic decrease in signal loss. Try connecting the shielding material to a solid earth ground next time, or the ground of the GPS module.

I had a croc-clip wire from the shield to the usb socket on the arduino, which didn’t make a lot of difference, but putting a foil plate over the whole lot makes it drop out.

The amazing thing to me is that the thing is upside down, with the antenna pointing down …

BTW macegr, thanks for the average smoothing suggestion on the Adafruit forum, it was so much quicker , and slicker than my MacGuivered attempt!