Indoor localization without gps?

Sure, the view of the ceiling could be blocked, but if you did a hybrid of dead reckoning... i.e. guess where you are by quadrature but verify when possible, you'd decrease the innate inaccuracy of dead reckoning alone because you could recalibrate your location.

I'm pretty sure it would work so long as the ceiling were reflective enough. If it was acoustic dampening foam tiles, that might make picking up the reflection difficult.

Yeah, interesting idea, maybe lines could be painted on the ceiling in pretty colours...

hmm froody!


Wow, it's nice to hear so many ideas! Here's a nice video about someone who actually made it to build a "maze solving robot" (the thing that is intresting here is that the robot "knows" how to recognize a junction and remmeber it) -->

AMAZING video. Thank you so much for sharing that. It was truly inspirational :o!

A question regarding my idea - I decided to go with the follow-line concept, so, my question is - what is the best/quickest way of building a sensitive sensor that will pick up the brightness diffrent? (I know I can use a light-sensors, but I know that there is the QTR-8RC Reflectance (link- Sensor Array which does a great job for people out there.

so, I wonder what is the best method of building my own sensors?

Btw - I thought of using the floor lines (, so, instead of drawing lines on the floor, I could use the floor "natural" lines..

so, I wonder what is the best method of building my own sensors?

That array looks pretty good, most reflectance sensors with emitter and detector like that will work...


did anyone build his/her own emitter/detector for follow line robot?