indoor solar charging arduino ( with Li-PO)

i'm wondering if there is a way to design a power supply that uses a solar panel to charge an Arduino Duemilanove indoors. would it be possible to charge the solar outside for a few hours and use it to power up the arduino for at least 8 hours( via a Li-Po battery) ?
would you please give me some direction :~

Its possible, but without more information its not possible to know whether its a sensible thing to do or not.
if the Micro is inside, why not just power it from the mains via a plugpack.
Will be much simpler and easier than any solar solution.

You will need a good idea of how many watt-hours your Arduino will consume from the battery and then with a knowledge of how much sunlight (not necessarily bright sunshine) you can expect you will need to decide what size of solar panel is needed to recharge the battery. Bear in mind that if the Arduino is running while the batteries are charging the solar output will need to be enough to power it and charge the battery. You will also need to decide what you will do on very dull days in winter when there is very little solar output. You would probably need a large battery to deal with that. Remember the Ah reading on a battery is pretty meanginless - divide the number by 3 for a realistic estimate of capacity.

If you look at solar panels that power roadside traffic devices you will see that they are quite large. The devices probably also have a large battery.

Take Mauried's advice unless you have a deep pocket.