Induction Balance Metal Detector - Code Advice Needed.

Hi, This message is an update to my existing Metal Detector Receiver design project.

I want to have the variable frequency output pulse on D12 to vary an Audio Tone Pitch as a metal detection indicator. I found what looks like a good starter sketch from InstructablesCom, which seems to work well at converting sine-waves to frequency pulses.

The sketch is attached below along with my test circuit which uses a TL081CP and an Arduino UNO. I tried before to use "tone(5, 500+analogRead(A0));", but analogRead was too slow to work. Does anyone have any faster code methods that may work for this circuit?

Metal_Detector_Frequency_Pitch.ino (4.85 KB)

Hi, Thanks for the tip.
I am familiar with that sketch written by David Crocker of Escher Technologies of the UK. He posted on the original Arduino Metal Detector post by joop in 2011.

David has not posted anything more since 2013 and I have not seen other experimenters actually built it. The final circuit design diagram was never disclosed. At any rate the well written code was too complicated for me so I moved on.

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