Inductive Sensor detection on a Grid


I'd like to know how i could detect low voltage signals emitted over a coil.

like you have a 1 meter wire layed in a carpet, and when the coil hovers over it, it will trigger a signal and let me know when it's there.

it should be able to be under a carpbet or lets say 3-4mm thick wood or other fibers.

anyone heared of a project like this, or has an idea how to do it?

i was thinking of reusing a em detector with 3x BC 547 transistors on the line, then hover over with a simple coil. but before i go further, maybe someone else already did it. like for robot to limit the movement area.


Are you trying to measure the position over the 1m square or just detect that it is there at all?

Is the detection output result on board the moving object or in the fixed grid?

yeah, i try to lay down a grid and then detect the position for it.

but for the beginning, i'd like to be able to just see when a inductive coil hovers over the wire.

i'm not yet sure what resolution i would need and i need to learn also how to programm it, and extend the arduino with a chip so i can hook up all the wires for the gird.

so first thing is first, how to emit a pulse over a coil and then pick it up by a wire, amp it up, filter it so it can trigger a signal that i can process

If you start moving in that direction then it will be more difficult to sense position later.

What accuracy do you need for the final result?

Look into how a drawing tablet works. They used to be vital for certain CAD work and are still popular with artists. They get quite fine precision, like 300dpi over something nearly half a meter across.