Inductive sensor with Arduino

I’m really new in electronics and Arduino. I need to detect metals in a conveyor with an inductive sensor Bi20U-CP40-AP6X2 from turck-usa:

Operating voltage 10? 30VDC
Residual ripple <= 10 % Uss
DC rated operational current <= 200 mA
No-load current I0 <= 15 mA
Residual current <= 0.1 mA
Rated insulation voltage <= 0.5 kV
Short-circuit protection yes / cyclic
Voltage drop at Ie <= 1.8V
Wire breakage / Reverse polarity protection yes / complete
Output function 3-wire, normally open, pnp
Insulation class ÷
Switching frequency <= 0.25 kHz

I would like to know how to connect this sensor without destroy my Arduino. Thanks for help. :-/

Wow those are expensive. :o

First decide what voltage you are powering it off. This will be the maximum voltage on the output, you need to cut this down to 5V maximum.

Power it up with +ve and -ve and make sure the -ve is connected to the Arduino ground.

Then arrange a potential divider to take the output and reduce it to a maximum of 5V. If it's 10 volts then simply two 1K resistors will do.

Then connect the mid point in the potential divider to an analogue input pin of the Arduino and read the value. In the presence of metal it should be quite low (close to zero) and with no metal it should be high. (above 700)

never mind, wrong device I was commenting on.

Thank you for answer. I´ll try to do that ! :slight_smile: