Induino - Low Cost Arduino USB Clone


All we have now officially released our low cost clone board - Induino Its currently priced at Rs.800/- approx 16$ (probably the cheapest FTDI based USB clone?) Shipping overseas might make it expensive.

Standard Features

All Features as per the available schematic of the Arduino Duemilanove


FTDI Pinouts for Bit Bang Programming

Auto Power Select between USB and Power Supply

Fuse Protection

100% Shield Compatible

As a special gesture to fellow arduino forum users, I would like to offer 10 of these boards at Rs.600 (12$) excluding shipping with a few conditions - Should have been a registered user of the forum for more than 3 months with more than 20 posts(to ensure active users!)

  • Should be able to bear the shipping costs(overseas users - beware the costs might be higher - i have never shipped overseas and will have to check)

  • Should have been a registered user of the forum for more than 3 months with more than 20 posts(to ensure active users!)

For the above, please reply on the post.

Cheers, Pracas

Through hole FTDI chip ?

Pray tell us more :)

edit Maybe its surface mount stuck on the bottom of the board..... :(

Yup... you are right... There is a FTDI and 2955 stuck at the bottom.. i wish they made through hole FTDIs..


Look into shipping (airmail).

Also, is paypal going to work for you?

I'd buy one if shipping is small. I get a lot of stuff from China and Thailand that is very cheap. It may take a while, but so far, I haven't lost anything.

Hi brtech,

have been busy. Will check with the post office and let you know.

Cheers, Pracas


Did you hear about RiDuino ?

Its even cheaper :) , It costs about Rs 495. ( check the last board ) .

Did you hear about RiDuino ?

I've long toyed with the concept of using another ATmega for USB-TTL translation, but always dismissed it as ineffective. I didn't know anyone had actually made a production board using the same!

Hi Vikas,

Great effort. Infact I should tell you we were triggered by your initiative to make it low-cost, only we wanted it to be a direct replacement for the arduino out of the box without any modifications on the software side of things. So we decided to go ahead with the FTDI chip. We designed it with the same intentions as yours - affordability. I would love to send you one of our boards with the shield. Send me a PM.

BTW, does your riduino work directly with the IDE / Bootloader? ;) ::) well i said

probably the cheapest FTDI based USB clone?

lol Cheers, Pracas

So is there somewhere that a typical hobbyist can get single-sided PCBs made for significantly less than double-sided PCBs? With most of the low-quantity (prototype) houses it seems you only save about 20% dropping down to single sided (using Olimex as an example.)


yes the difference is only 20% but the other factors come into play(time for production, assembly costs, quality, etc.) Plus the capabilities to build quality double sided boards is quite lacking out here where i live… we had tried to get some boards printed from the arduino board files… ended up with tracks and pads that were short! Now everyone seems experienced working with single sided and hence better quality output on it.


@TchnclFl Atmega USB-TTL works fine , ive been doing stuff around it and never had any issues. I started using it In XP now am on Win 7. Also there are some other products using the same . BTW production cost of my board is less than a single ft232rl chip .

@pracas Mine is a direct replacement too :) , out of the box. No changes on any side.

Single sided is cheaper anyday , easy to find people who will do DIP than who can do good gob with SMD here in India.

hello vikas - have you tried installing CDC drivers under windows 7 64 bit if you have can you give me the exact procedure that you followed. thanks

regarding the 495/- Riduino board, can it be purchased anywhere ? with the atmege328 retailing around 350/-, wondering if remaining 145/- covers the cost of discrete components and PCB… even if sold at cost !