Industrial Brick : CAN Bus + RS485 + RS232 + Memory


We have designed a new board called "Industrial Brick". Some info about the features:

The Industrial Brick is a flexible communication platform specially designed to fit the most popular field buses and industrial communication applications, giving as well solution to the common problem of storing data in embedded systems.

From the Industrial brick base board, there will be offered different assembly option.


  • BUS CAN: MCP2515 + MCP2551
  • RS232: MAX232
  • RS485: MAX485
  • RS232 to/from RS485 Converter allowed by hardware
  • 2 Mb Flash Memory: AT45DB161D
  • MicroSD Socket

More info: & GitHub - IgorReal/SECUduino

I hope you like it.


Very interesting material!
How is it possible to obtain it? What is the price?