Industrial grade Arduino

I've done a little research into this already, but I wasn't sure. I'm looking for an Arduino board for a very simple, but rugged purpose. It'd need to be industrial grade, and be able to read in pulses marking Temperature and Flow from a pipe pushing liquid, and send those numbers to a computer through a wire.

Can Arduino do something like that and still remain cost effective? If so, what should I look into for that?

robtillaart: - - or

The first one might work, though the second doesn't allow -40c, so that's out. First one doesn't seem to have any in stock, or allow for bulk buying, which puts a damper on things.

the minus 40C was not in your first post ... Other specific requirements?

Perhaps ruggeduino ?

Hi ... I am from CONTROLLINO ... ;)

Theoretically -40C is ok ... only the RTC that is inside will maybe not work properly. The RTC is specified until 0.0C ... so if you do not need the RTC ... you can use CONTROLLINO.

But we cannot certify it for -40C ... that’s the problem.

regards Marco

Hi MArco, nice to see you on the forum.

Do you disclose the schematics of the Controllino ? Obviously not to copy it, but that's the best piece of documentation that can be provided in most cases.