Industrial grade arduino


Is there a arduino board that is industrial grade? I have some prototypes I want to test in the field, I was wondering if there is a arduino that is more for industrial use.

If anyone has any recommendation please let me know.

Thank you!

There are some PLC based on arduino:

There's nothing wrong with using the Arduino in an industrial setting. If it's not electrically or environmentally abused it should "last forever" like any solid-state electronics. (I would avoid cheap Arduino clones that might be shoddily constructed.)

There is something called the [u]Ruggeduino[/u] that's got some electrical protection.

My biggest concern is the same for anything "homemade". It needs to be serviceable. And, it shuld be serviceable by someone who's never seen it before. Everything should plug-in (or use screw terminals, etc.) so components can be replaced without soldering. You should have spares of everything, including at least one pre-programmed Arduino... You don't want to be running around in a panic 5 years from now trying to find the software and re-learning how to program it. You might even want to build a complete spare unit (of whatever you're building).

And of course, the software (and additional hardware) has to fully debugged, tested, and reliable.

In some critical laboratory, medical, or aerospace, etc., environments all of the equipment has to be validated and/or calibrated and that can be "difficult", or impossible, for anything "homemade".

There is also Their modules are available in the official Arduino shop.

There is also Controllino.