Industrial Machinery Monitor

I have some compressors and an Air dryer that I want to monitor. Either when they go into alarm sate via a relay contact or with motor on/off edge detection.

These I think I can figure out okay.

what I'm trying to figure out is the best way to send email/txt (have that figured out too) with more than 1 repsonse.

So I would monitor - on/off digital input Main Compressor - on/off digital input Backup Compressor - on/off digital input Air Dryer - on/off digital input Air Temp - via DS18b20 - use threshold for limits ?

So if the main compressor goes down I would like an email "main compressor down" or if the dryer goes down I would like an email "air dryer down"

to that effect....

an example would be great. I see lots of sketches calling up python scripts or other external references but I would like to be stand alone arduino.

I have smtp port 25 email to send my emails out to working and my arduino get dhcp with the ethernet shield 5100

Thanks new at this and trying to get this together,

No replies to this? I have never worked with Arduino-internet but that counts for less. I understand the kind of logic management you need.

For each aspect of the system you want notification about, you need a few variables:

1) A trigger is a flag that the email should be sent. This flag is turned on by the hardware that is connected to the system.

But, each time the main loop comes around, it will send another email. Maybe a few hundred a second? :astonished: So you need to prevent that.

2) A 'blocker' flag prevents email from being sent. When the trigger sends out an email, it also turns on the blocker flag. The triggr is set and unset by external hardware. The blocker must be reset manually, after the event that cause the trigger and the email is resolved. That reset could be done remotely, the point is that you don't want it turned off by accident.

So the way the software flow goes...

loop start

turn off all flags

an inner loop, scan all hardware sensors, and turn flags on or off as appropriate

if a temperature reading is over/under a limit, then turn on a flag for that

OK all sensing is done

if other manual signal to turn block off, then do that

another inner loop - if a flag is turned on, send an email, and turn on the blocking flag for that sensor

end loop

Hi, try editing your subject to. Help,Sending SMS text and Arduino. That way you will possibly get forum memeber who are conversant with SMS applications.

Tom...... :)