Industrial PCB Design


I am having PCB Design equipped with arduino mini + relay module +rtc module + power supply..i just wanted to have Industrial Pcb design instead of that modules .. and USB port for programming... Interested experts can PM me ...

Thanks .

I'm not sure I understand what you are asking. You have an Arduino, RTC module , relay module and power supply? You want the equivalent circuit on a single PC board is what I think you are asking. How many relays? What is the expected power input? How will it be programmed?

Yes.You are right.Expected Power input is 5VDC..single 5vdc relay is being used..programming should be done with ICSP and USB...

How do you plan on setting the RTC time?

As you don't reply PM I'll continue here.

So it sounds like basically you want a relay that switches at certain times, based on the RTC, fixed times as you don't have another user interface available.

What do you want it to do that's different from a standard timer clock that you simply plug in the wall socket, and which switches its output on and off at set times? Those things are even a lot easier to set up and reprogram than the device you describe here.

I used to sell boards like these for a few years. Sold a bunch of them to people who wanted to design their own with Arduinos, not realizing they could buy them for less than it would cost to build.