Industrial Transducer use with Arduino

Has anyone ever heard of reading values from a industrial transducer using an Arduino (or with a Raspberry Pi)?

We have a Dynisco 832 pressure transducer hooked up to a reactor that we would like to record data from.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Problem - its a strain-gauge sensor, so the output voltages have an extremely small variation (3mV per volt of excitation).

When its connected to the reactor the reactor electronics will be providing the DC excitation, relative to its ground.

To listen in on it requires careful attention to different grounds causing issues - you'd need to sense the excitation voltage and amplify and measure the differential voltage on the sense wires using an instrumentation amplifier. All without injecting any unwanted signal that might confuse the reactor.

And of course you need to ensure the voltages used by the reactor are safe (close to mains earth).