Industry 4.0 simulation project

Hi, my name is Yuri and I’m doing my college completion work. I’m trying to represent an industry model 4.0 and for this I need to connect two arduinos and one lego mindstorm (or exchange the lego for another arduino) wirelessly, all connected at the same time and communicating with each other, so be very new to me, I do not know If it is possible to connect and maintain communication between more than two arduinos. If anyone can guide me on this path I would be very grateful.


What you ask to be able to do is not only possible but the topic is covered over and over again on the web if you would take the time to look.

If we do your research for you will you agree to not take the degree you are seeking? If you want the degree then part of that is being able to do your own research. That’s what the degree is there to tell me as a potential employer, that you are capable of more than just asking someone else to do it for you. If you are going to finish college by having others do your work, then you should not take the degree at the end.

Do you have any parameters for what type and quantity of data that needs to be passed between the devices? This should help drvive the hardware selection if it has not been already established by the course materials.

Have you downloaded and studied the Mindstorms communication protocol documentation?