inertial navigation system


I want to make an inertial navigation system for indoor use. Can somebody tell me what system I should buy? I am totally new at this (with no background in electronics), so I am also looking for a manual with the different steps to follow.

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Inertial navigation systems are usually used in flying vehicles and tend to be quite expensive ($50K or more for a decent one).

Sadly, commercial grade accelerometers and gyroscopes are too inaccurate and noisy to be of much use in inertial navigation, but can be used to determine orientation and heading.


Thank you for your answer. Do you have an idea about the deterioration of the position and the direction in function of the distance between the subsequent positions? Do you know of papers I could read about the subject?

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See this discussion:

See this famous video "3D Tracking with IMU" Behind the scenes more information information seems to be available. Mr. Madgwick did a good job.

It is massive math using Matlab behind. But you can use any cheap IMU, Arduino and Processing for your own experiements.

I use an MPU6050 for my own experiements. But as soon as I start to calculate position my math was killed by massive drift and hysteresis.

Behind the scenes

The "dirty trick" that makes this work is that the foot is not moving while on the ground. So, you can reset all the drift to zero, every single step.