Inertial sensors

Is it possible to connect a accelerometer and a gyroscope simultaneously in the arduino? Please tell me how, im a newbie when it comes to gyro and accelerometer...thanks

Yes, you could even add a magnetometer and a barometer to it. I think that is called 10DOF.

Many digital sensors have a I2C interface. Many sensors can be connected to the same I2C. The I2C uses the "Wire" library.

The Arduino Uno could have many sensors connected to its I2C bus, and still have many pins for sensors that have no I2C.

A MPU-6050 is very cheap on Ebay, and it contains both the accellerometer and gyro sensors.

wow, that's a good advice, Somebody told me about the possibility of Gyroscope and accelerometer connection to arduino but somehow I just want to be sure...anyway thanks a bunch XD