Inex Sound Detector Board with band pass filter


I am new to robotic, but with background in electronic and big interest. I am on a project where I want my robot to spot me when I whistle. My idea is to use a Inex Sound Detector Board and to put a band pass filter between the output and the arduino analog input. Will this work like that ? without amplification ? just putting in serie the Inex sound detector board and my home made band pass filter ?


I did a similar project back in 89 where I used two tone decoders UM3763 to detect two different frequencies of whistles to make a Sheep Dog simulator game. The text is still there but I am not sure about the schematic.

The problem with a band pass filter is that it is not that precise and a large off frequency tone can also trigger it.

WAW Cool !
Thanks a lot, I will dig on the side of UM3763, but I will also see how good can work a band pass filter, but as you said it might be not efficient enough. And I’m impress 1989, I was 4 back then :wink: Do you know if this UM3763 is still available, or if there is any new version of it ?