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Is there any knowledge or history of hacking Infinite Prime as part of smart home applications like Openhab? I was wondering if that could be done by Arduino, but I did not find anything regarding this via Google.

I'm talking about this device: Infinite Prime

In the main unit there is different PCBs in it, like main board, keyboard, PSTN unit and GSM board so there might be some possibility to control unit by some of those. There is also some kind of computer connector (earlier RS232 but nowaday USB).

I have one dummy sensor (as additional for others), the dummy sensor has only contacts to create alarm, but I would like to control status of system as well so that I do not need to use SMSs to do that.

Lot of hacks have been done for DSC alarm systems but that did not help since we had the current system in place already while moved to the house.

Any help is highly appreciated. Thank you.

don't know, never saw device mentioned here (prime numbers are discussed more often ;)

If you have some datasheet or pictures from the inside, and if the device has some more or less meaning ful connectors it should be feasible.

You could replace every button with a relay to get some control over it. And you might be able to "sniff" the display data too, not easy but for many devices doable

Hi!. I also have a Infinite Prime that I would like to hack. Did you made any progress with that? Mine have a RS232 Com port that can be used to control everything in it. Any ideas on how to sniff that port and maybe try to reverse engineer it?

did anyone ever get any progress on this? I have an infinite primary alarm with the USB interface, and would love to be able to capture logs from it.