Inflating Balloons

Hi there--

I'm interested in using Arduino to inflate balloons--eventually multiple at once, but for now I'm working on just one.

I'd like to manipulate the duration of inflation so that the balloon fills up and then deflates.

Does anyone have guidance on what part to use for the fan/air pump element? I'm having trouble finding air pumps.

Thanks so much!

Any little compressor should work. You might need a special (low-pressure) regulator and an air tank (to "smooth-out" the pressure). Or, you might try a peristaltic pump or syringe pump. Or, you could look for a pump designed to inflate an air mattress.

And of course, you'll need a couple of air/gas solenoid valves.

12V air compressor for the car.

Will give you the pressure, but very quickly.

Tom... :slight_smile:

It boils down to the simple "FORUM LAW"
the answers are only as good as the question.

a corollary is that you have to know the technology in order to ask the right question.
and that implies that if you knew the technology, you would not be asking the question

how fast do you need to fill these balloons ?
how many at a time ?
I would offer that a storage tank, filled to 60 PSI could fill a balloon very rapidly.
the larger the tank, the more balloons.

I have seen old blood pressure monitors (the home use electronic ones) for sale at thrift stores. Could one be hacked to do what you want?