[INFO] Surface mount power barrel 4 pads part number and EAGLE library part

This is the part (out of stock):


I used their EAGLE library for my design but the part is out of stock. I looked on digikey and mouser but can't find this part. Can someone help? Thank you!

Most parts I found have 2-3 pads.

OK, today I did a search again and found one:


It turns out that 4 contact means different things than 4 pads, one of which is shorted with another one, making it 3 contacts.

By the way, I soldered it on my board and it works nicely.

For anyone trying to use this:

EAGLE library: SparkFun-Connectors Device: POWER_JACKSMD (POWER_JACK) Package: POWER_JACK_SMD Digikey part: CP-002AHPJCT-ND~~/669692~~ (moderator edit)

Sparkfun looks to show 244 units in stock. Not the case a few days ago?
I go thru hole on those, I worry about them getting ripped off the board.

Especially where SMD part is $1.89 and thru hole at dipmicro or taydaelectronics is so much less http://www.dipmicro.com/store/index.php?act=viewProd&productCode=KLDX-0202-A http://www.taydaelectronics.com/hardware/dc-power/dc-power-jack-2-1mm-barrel-type-pcb-mount.html

Often use a panel mount version and two wires down to the board when an enclosure is used. http://www.taydaelectronics.com/hardware/dc-power.html

CrossRoads: Sparkfun looks to show 244 units in stock. Not the case a few days ago? I go thru hole on those, I worry about them getting ripped off the board.

CR, The sparkfun part number embedded in their EAGLE library is obsolete, and yes, their currently for-sale part was out of stock when I looked. The thru hole is about a quarter the cost but costs me the whole two sides of the board and a lot of fumes to solder. Now I have the SMD barrel on top, and an SD card slot on the bottom, maybe not the best arrangement but I'm only running sensors, no motors or sudden need for power. Thing is, I can put something else on the bottom of a crowded board.

BTW, I am basing my latest design on what parts Dipmicro has. It's just cheaper. They have plenty of surface mount 0603 resistors and some other parts but no caps. There are a couple choices there but both new old stock:


I'm using their micro SD card in one design and the 74HC4050D. They also have 1117 series of voltage regulators that I am using (3.3V version for SD card). Everything they have is cheap (most of them decent quality except for some glues on bread board rubber feet). I am not related to them in any way (used to carry some of my kits that's all), but I felt that there's gotta be many makers in North America that can benefit from their price. In my latest design I had to order from dipmicro, mouser (rotary encoders and chip caps), digikey (DIN-5 connectors, power barrel etc.), then some on other sites, and I was pretty frantic before I place all these orders. Just hope they start carry some more regular arduino maker stuff, like chip crystals, 22pF caps, 100nF and 10uF caps, what not. It'd be nice if they can help shorten my suppliers list a bit :)

What are you making these days? Something to share a pic with us?

dipmicro has a couple of caps, 3-4 larger value electrolytic like you showed. Not 0.1uF or 22pF tho.

taydaelectronics has very low prices too, lots of surface mount discrete components.

Will be assembling some stuff soon, 74CH164 shift register card, 32 high power MOSFET card, ordering parts for next gen Bobuino, got 3 other designs in process also. Very busy.
Shipping Mega/Due/MegaADK/EtherMega screw shields and 1284Duemilanove boards too. Keeps my wife busy assembling them; she’s also prepping outlines for next book.

Sounds like a lot of good work going on at the north east corner! Still got any time for fencing? ;) I am making an open source data logger for teaching physics, among other data loggers and improving my lcd panel, and working on an Arduino remote procedure call library. All going fine, just slow. I'm a one-man team.

Two more weeks, then we wind down big time for the summer. Sat morns and 1 night a week of casual fencing. Time for some golf! We're making a 9x9x9 cube also. Wife is wiring it up as common cathode/layer, so my TPIC6B595 board is not right for it. Have a cd74AC164 based board with current limit resistors and N-channel MOSFETs all layed out & routed. Just got some chips in, want to fire a couple up with LEDs and confirm they're gonna work with 20mA per output.

So essentially 9*81, am I right? My university's IEEE student group insists on making 10*10*10. I am not their advisor but I told their president that there is no center line and it makes it difficult to display things that are symmetric, like a ball or characters. They did it anyway, wanting to make it into a 6-player 3D pong. Hope that will work soon.

Wondering how to code it now too.
Current design is one long string of 81 bits all squeezed down into a 10cm x 10cm board.
Am wondering now if allowing board to grow and having an INT per 9-LED might be better (and have 18 shift registers, with 7 bits unused from each pair).
Or just address that in s/w? Let the code treat it like 9 layers of 9 x columns of 16 (but just 9 bits used/column) and let the refresh code handle putting it into 11 bytes to send out (I added a 12th just to flesh it out, maybe find some other use later for the extra bits later).

Yes, 9x81, wanted a center point. 2 layers soldered up (but not to each other yet).

6 player 3D pong, that will be interesting! Am just going for all soldered together, all working, and bare effects to start.