Information about accelerometer BNO055


I would like to know the possibility of the accelerometer BNO055 100Hz.

I would like to calculate the power of a walking movement.

Does someone know if it is possible with this accelerometer?

Or how could I calculate a power with this accelerometer?


Define "the power of a walking movement"! Do you want to count steps? Estimate the walked distance?

The power which consists of measuring the force applied during a given time during the effort. In theory, this force is used to move us forward. When I am on my bike, I press the pedals to move forward. Same when I walk: with each step, I apply force to the ground to move forward.

I would like to mesure this power.

Is it more clear ?


Most of the force you apply to the ground while walking is used to counteract the force of gravity.

Likewise, accelerometers measure the total acceleration, which while walking, is mostly due to gravity.

It is very difficult to separate the two effects, especially using a cheap, inaccurate sensor.