Information about Curie library


I have to develop an application using the Arduino 101 ( Genuino 101). I was looking for the library Curie, but i can´t find detail information.

For example I want to know information about the CurieImu.setShockDetection. At the moment only i can review thr tutorials with several example, but if I have more information it would be perfect.

Thanks in advance


Hi Oscar

The CurieImu library is located in your users AppData directory on a windows machine. For me its:


There you will see the CurieImu.h and CurieImu.cpp files that are used to drive the CurieImu. Suggest that you also download the datasheet for the BMI160 as well.

Cheers Mike

Thanks Mike,

Is the information about the library include in these files? or I need to read the source code to find the explanation of each implemented method ?

Thanks in advance BR Óscar

Hi Oscar

Unfortunately you will need to read the source code - it implements pretty much all the functions in the data sheet. That's why I mentioned to read the data sheet.

PS. Go rummaging around the corelibs github page for the Arduino 101 and you can find a bunch more examples they are loading. It may help.

Do not think there is any documentation on exactly how to use the library. Pretty much is you want to use any of the functions just prefix them with CurieImu. and then add the function you want to call. The data sheet tells you how you use the calls.


Thanks Mike

I am going to follow your advices

Best Regards Óscar

Hi Oscar

If you have any specific questions after you start just post them and I am sure someone will be able to give you a hand.

Cheers Mike