Information about mechanum wheel robot with sabertooth.

Hi I am trying to build a four wheeled mechanum robot with arduino mega and sabertooth driver2X12.
I am new to arduino and its programming I have set up the robot mechanically.
1> I am trying to move the wheels independently such that one driver controls 2 motors.
I uploaded the program from the sabertooth library but the thing when I upload only one wheel will follow the instructions and the other will keep on moving independently only in one direction.

Sabertooth ST1[2] = { Sabertooth(128), Sabertooth(129) };
Sabertooth ST2(130);

void setup()
  //Sabertooth::autobaud(SabertoothTXPinSerial); // Autobaud is for the whole serial line -- you don't need to do
                                               // it for each individual motor driver. This is the version of
                                               // the autobaud command that is not tied to a particular
                                               // Sabertooth object.
                                               // See the examples in 1.Basics for information on whether you
                                               // need this line at all.

void loop()
  // ST1[0] (address 128) has power 50 (of 127 max) on M1,
  // ST1[1] (address 129) has power 60 (of 127 max) on M2, and

   Serial.println("first loop motor1");
  ST1[0].motor(1, 10);
  Serial.println("second loop motor 2");
  ST1[1].motor(2, 10);


  Serial.println("second loop motor 1");
  ST1[0].motor(1, 0);
  Serial.println("second loop motor 2");
  ST1[1].motor(2, 0);

I am trying this code with simple serial mode dip switch 1 3 5 on from sabertooth. When I run this code the motor will keep on running and the second motor will run and stop properly and if I change to ST1[1].motor(2, -10); the second motor will turn in opposite direction but for the first motor it wont

And for the output I am getting as attached, can anyone please let me know how to control the sabertooth to run the 2 motors independently in both the directions.

Thank you in advance.

The (snippets of) code you posted won't compile. It is pointless to talk about what the code does, or does not do, when it won't even compile.