Informations about Arduino motor shield R3

Hi everybody,

I need to make my arduino moving like a car, so I looked for a motor shield and I found this:, but I've seen that it can control only two motors and I have to control four wheels. I've seen that cars work with one motor and something (I'm not an expert of cars, so I apologize for any mistake I do) that makes the wheels moving without having four motors. How can I reproduce this on my arduino? Can I mount more shields on my arduino (for example a motor shield and an ethernet one)?

Last question: how can I make my arduino turn? For example: if I say it to go forward, then turn left and then go forward, how can I make the wheels turn?

Thanks a lot!


What are the ratings of your motors? Any reason for having to drive all 4 wheels? What type of vehicle are you using?...or what is it's main purpose? Do all the wheels(I'm guessing 4 total, since you said car?) need to have their own motor? Could you just use a 'rear wheeled drive' (2 motors on rear wheels) and some type of belt hooked to drive the front wheels?