Infra Red Remote

Hi I am working on a voice project for a museum, of which the voice section is completed. This works by any one of eighteen inputs going low which in turn will play a message from a DFPlayer.
I would like to ask for advice on a remote control using an Nano or Uno to decode the remote and give me hopefully 18 outputs.
There are examples on You Tube that switch LED's but I cannot find one to suit this project. I was curious if there was a way to use the search in a better way to look for idea's.
I may be looking as this the wrong way in that this might not be the subject is covered on the forum but if you do ask you will never know. Thanks Jim

You look for a pill ready to be swallowed. Mostly they don't exist. Look for tutorials where You can learn about the needed technology and do the coding Yourself.

Do you already have the remote? If so, then build an IR receiver (Google Arduino IR Receiver) to decode the buttons.

Have you considered a RF remote, a 16 Channel one with relay outputs powered with 12V are under $25.00. There are also wireless keypads, consider them as well. Check your favorite china supplier.

So you want to simply select 1 out of 18 possible choices with an IR remote control and maybe have a “off” choice also.

I could imagine this with a cheap (usually NEC) remote control. Invent a code such a *15 to switch on channel 15 and say ** to switch the whole thing off.

You’d need a matching IR receiver and an Arduino IR library.

You could possibly control the player directly from the Nano without the intermediate step of exposing the 18 outputs which is anyway close to the limit for a Nano, unless you start adding port expanders.

If, however, you have to interface to the existing 18 connections to drive the DFplayer, then check that these will be compatible with the Nano (5 volt pins etc.)

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