Infrared from multimeter decoding

I have a Unitrend digital multimeter Uni-Trend Technology (China) Co., Ltd. and am attempting to read the serial output from the unit using a Arduino Duemilanove ATMega328 clone. Hardware setup on arduino is what I think is a Vishay IR Receiver Module salvaged from a Topfield PVR on pin 2, running various sketches proves that it receives normal remote control signals correctly. The DMM (Digital Multimeter) uses a cyrustek es51922 chipset 承永資訊科技 – 專業的IC設計 with well documented output info. Output of DMM is via infrared transmitter but trying to capture output timings using Arduino Playground - InfraredReceivers code produces weird results ie no decernable pattern of on/off timings. I am wondering if anyone has attempted to do similar project and if maybe the ir output from DMM is at an incomparable frequency. I have done extensive web searches to try to find an answer but to no avail. I am neither an electronic nor a coding expert. Thanks for you input in advance.