infrared led and ir sensor/ client counter

Hi all

I need to build a client counter.
For example if someone enters the shop… I need to know how many people past the door.
Do you know some good sketch or tutorial??

This is a good one for what you want to do. You basically want to count the number of times either a) the signal is broken; or b) the signal bounces off an object back to your collector. Option b (the latter) is easier to do with one board. That tutorial uses 4 emitter LEDs and a collector LED to check the distance between the board and an object. Just calibrate it to the distance from the board to the frame of the other side of the door, and anything passing in-between should set it off.

Do you need to just count people passing through the door regardless of whether they are going in/out, or do you want to separately count both the number of people entering as well as the number of people leaving?

tnx DivinityArcane i'll see into it :) tylernt i need to know how many people were visiting the shop .. i did not think of a way to do that yet :(

do you have any suggestions ?

Technically, you could just count the total number of passes and divide it by 2 to get the number of visitors. While it's rough, because it could count people who are still in the store, or people who left and were in the store before you turned it on, it's a low margin of error, and if it ran until the end of the day it would be accurate enough. This is the way most stores do it with those beepers on the doors. It increments the counter for each time the beam is broken, and divides it in half.