infrared photoreflector sensor

Was hoping to use two (2) of these sensors and have a few basic wiring questions…

Sensor is Fairchild QRB1134 infrared photoreflector
… tried to attach a data sheet…

My thoughts were to hook up:

(C) COLLECTOR digital input pin and10k pull up resistor to 5V
(E) EMITTER ground
(K) CATHODE ground
(A) ANODE ??? 5V and a resistor (what size?)

Are capacitors a good idea to smooth out the signal? I saw capacitors on a you tube video of an arduino project, again, what size? And what are they hooked up to, orientation, etc.

Appreciate any help from the experts on the forum!


Fairfield QRB1134.pdf (53.7 KB)

A Google image search for "QRB1134 typical circuit" showed several diagrams. The Anode resistor value is shown as 220 or 330 ohms. Some show a capacitor from Collector to Emitter. One shows the value as 0.1 uF and the other doesn't show a value.

That is a great staring point, thanks.

Doh... google circuit...