Infrared Reciever

I have an infrared reciever, and i can hook it up and decode the signals using the libraries and instructions found at A Multi-Protocol Infrared Remote Library for the Arduino , but, i wanted to do more. Is there any way i can read the pulses of light from an infrared LED, and get a reading to as specific times the LED blinks, so i can re-create that and send IR signals?
Ive tried to send signals with the send example, and the LED lights up, but no signal is recieved by my device.

If you can see the LED visibly lighting up its not an IR led. Or are you using a camera to see it?

Its IR. I'm using a camera. The examples given for sending codes say Sony, And I know there are different protocols like rc5 and rc6, so would it also be possible to convert the value to either of the others?

I don't know for sure but you may be able to choose other protocols by changing this line

 irsend.[u]sendSony[/u](0xa90, 12); // Sony TV power code

IR receivers are kinda specific to their protocol. You have to match the modulation frequency (36KHz, 40KHz, 56KHz etc.) and length of the data packet.

Sony is 40KHz and RC-5/6 are 36KHz. That’s probably going to be a show stopper right there.