infrared sensor connecting to computer

I’m a handball trainer and want to test my players on condition. I want to do a speeds test over 30m. I want to do this correct with infrared sensors. The time counting must start when he goes true an infraredline and ends when he goes true the second infraredline. Do you have software and materiel for this project ?

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With light, a simple pair of beams to interrupt your player would not be able to aim to break.

With IR light you might be able to make two 'fans' of IR and try to catch the reflection as the ball passes through. I do say "try" because I give this almost no chance to work.

It would be much simpler to listen for the hand to hit the ball and the ball to hit the wall and compute with speed of sound and distances (player to wall, player to mic, wall to mic) data.

GFS I think the OP is talking about the player's speed being tested over a 30m dash....

That's different. Use IR leds and detectors. Put the detectors in tubes or behind apertures or both. Cost should be small.